A boutique fitness studio
in San Antonio
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The right time is now!


Originally from Oregon, Olivia recently moved to San Antonio with her fiancé. During the day she works in account management, but Olivia has always had a passion for health, wellness and fitness. While attending the University of Oregon Olivia became hooked on student group fitness classes. She enjoys any activity that gets her moving, but her favorite ways to get her heart rate up include HIIT/tabata, barre and cycling. Olivia’s philosophy is doing anything active is better than doing nothing active! Olivia is a certified Schwinn indoor cycling instructor and also teaches at CycleHub.

Olivia instructs the following:
  • Tabata Barre
  • This class is 1/2 tabatas and 1/2 barre. Get your heart rate up and your sweat on before heading to the barre for some toning and lengthening.