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Toned To The Bone

This class is taught by:

Nancy Barnes

Nancy Barnes was born and raised in Alamo Heights. Nancy is a mom to two boys and works in orthopedic medical device sales. She fell in love with group fitness back in her TCU days at Aerobics to Go. Since then she has joined classes in each city she has lived and she looks for classes whenever she travels.
"I believe that everyday that we can wake up in the morning and workout and move and push our bodies in different ways is an amazing blessing from God that I never want to take for granted. Exercise is not about "being skinny" but about being healthy and fit. Fit Fusion makes it fun- it's an inspiring place full of strong, supportive clientele and staff who enjoy being fit while challenging and pushing themselves to be their personal best. It's a blessing to be part of such an awesome place!
My goal is for people to have fun and leave class excited with the best feeling: strong, sweaty and confident!" 
An intense full-body workout that stregthens the entire body with a variety of sequences and heavy weights for muscular strength, toning and endurance. This class is designed to spike your body's metabolic rate. Squat, lift, lunge, push and pull as you melt away pounds to create a new lean strong power-house body.